What exactly is ZX Panel?

A Ubuilt house featuring ZX Panel. For further information on Ubuilt please visit ubuilt.co.nz 

The ZX Panel Cladding System is a low maintenance, non-combustible, weathertight, lightweight, external, cavity based cladding system. Manufactured from aluminium, it comprises a powder coated, 2mm thick panel that is clipped into engineered aluminium extrusions. Panels are secured with glazing wedges. Panels are available in up to 400 colour combinations and are supplied in 1200mm x 2400mm sheets that may be cut on-site as necessary.

ZX Panel is suitable for use on all buildings up to 10m in building height or up to 2.5kPaULS where specifically engineered. The system may be used with steel or timber framing or concrete panels with timber infill that comply with the NZ Building Code. It must always be installed over a cavity.

Being non-combustible, ZX Panel may be installed on buildings located within 1m of a relevant boundary. Where the ZX Panel Cladding System is to be used on an existing building, the designer and installer must ensure that the existing building is suitable for the intended installation of the ZX Panel cladding system.

Compliance with the relevant building code clauses has been established by independent testing E2/VM1 and NZS/AS 4284 and comes with a 15-year warranty.

The ZX Panel System may be easily ordered on-line or from an authorized supplier.