Commercial Building Suitability

ZX Panel is currently ideal for use in commercial and residential buildings up to 10 metres high and testing is now being carried out for suitability up to 25 metres.

The ZX Panel system is greatly suited to commercial and high-rise applications because:

- It is non-combustible as it is a 2mm solid aluminium panel connected to the primary structure through engineered aluminium extrusions.

- It is lightweight making fabrication and installation quick and effective.

- It is waterproof having been tested to E2VM1/AS4284.

- It is ideal for coastal locations. The powder coated painting system has been tested to perform to internationally recognised specifications including AS3715 and WANZ Endurocolour.

- It is aesthetically pleasing with 20 modern colours to choose from.

- It is New Zealand made and offers a 15-year warranty.

- It is cost-effective being substantially cheaper than similar competitors.

- It is hard to go past ZX Panel for facades and other commercial cladding applications.