The Resurrection of Kitset Homes

A kitset home really is the ultimate, low cost solution for first home buyers or those wanting a second home to use as a bach, guesthouse, worker's cottage or rental property. They are also ideal for rural locations that are hard to get to.

It’s a great option for those keen on DIY, without the risk and hassle of having to specify and source all building materials. Of course, you will need to involve a Licensed Building Practitioner for the more complex tasks and official sign-off but it is amazing how much you can do yourself.

Ubuilt Kitset Homes are a steel-frame kitset home kit, complete with ZX Panel solid aluminium exterior cladding. The kitset is delivered directly to you at no extra cost, ZX Panel is supplied separately.

Ubuilt Kitset Homes start at just over $49,000 and the reason material and construction cost is so low is because they manufacture to a set plan, using designs that keep costs to a minimum. Assembling a Ubuilt home has been made as simple as possible which also means less labour cost.

Using ZX Panel solid aluminium cladding your new Ubuilt home is low-maintenance, fire-resistant and weather-tight.

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