The Interpon D1010 Powder-Coating System

We choose the Interpon D1010 Premium Powder Coat range by Akzo Nobel - the world leader in powder-coated systems.

Drawing on 30 years of experience in powder-coating technology, Akzo Nobel have used their expertise to develop a finish that is ideally suited to the local conditions found in New Zealand. The Interpon D1010 Premium range provides a durable and resilient colour finish to your ZX® Panel cladding.

Akzo Nobel's Interpon D1010 Premium powder coatings are applied by National Aluminium Limited and supplied by ZX® Panel. They are applied and tested to perform according to internationally recognised specifications, including AS3715 and WANZ Endurocolour.

The ZX Premium Powder-coating applied to all extrusions is offered with a 15-year warranty for all exterior residential and commercials applications including coastal locations.