Maintenance Tips for Home & Building Owners

Maintenance of ZX Panel on your new home or building is easy. A gentle clean with a soft brush and mild detergent, followed by a fresh-water rinse is all that is needed. The frequency of maintenance will depend on proximity to the coast and industrial pollution but we recommend:

- Within 50m of breaking surf or industrial pollution, a monthly wash down
- 50m – 100m from breaking surf, a 3 monthly wash down
- Greater than 100m from breaking surf, a 6 monthly wash down

In the case you happen to cause damage to any panel(s), they can be quickly and easily replaced as panels can be individually removed, meaning you don’t need to repair an entire wall. We recommend your builder does this.

We also offer a 15-year warranty on the ZX® Panel product and powder coating for all exterior residential and commercial applications, including coastal locations.