In the Beginning

When we first started looking into aluminium cladding we were shocked by the high cost, so we decided to create a far more cost-effective system that took us on a five-year journey where we spent thousands of hours dreaming, researching, debating, tinkering, assembling and testing our product.

ZX Panel’s owner has 40 years’ experience in the building industry, so in drawing on that experience, the end goal was always to help the person building a house or a medium-rise to bring down the cost while offering an aesthetic design look, ensure weather-tightness and be non-combustible.

Made from 100 percent recyclable aluminium, ZX Panel is designed for New Zealand’s weather conditions and is brilliant news for coastal buildings, as aluminium won’t rust. Exhaustive product development and relentless testing has been poured into the system to ensure it outperforms and outlasts similar products on the market and sets a new benchmark in terms of value for money.

It was also important for us to remain 100% committed to local industry and we proudly carry the New Zealand Made Trademark.