Low Cost Exterior Cladding Option for New Zealand

There are many different options when it comes to exterior cladding with the most common being brick, plaster, timber, stone and metal. The most expensive options include PVC, fibre-cement and timber.

The ZX Panel system is a low cost, superior New Zealand aluminium product, priced at a fraction of the cost of our nearest aluminium exterior cladding competitor at $130.00 Sq metre for product only, and $240.00 Sq metre installed. Soffits are priced at $65.00 Sq metre for product only.

The total cost to install the ZX Panel system will vary depending on the size of your house or building, but for example a medium sized (200sqm) 3 bedroom home will be approximately NZ$13,000 for materials, excluding installation.

Exhaustive product development and relentless testing has been poured into the ZX Panel system to ensure it outperforms and outlasts similar products on the market and sets a new benchmark in terms of value for money.

An added benefit of ZX Panel is the ability to replace damaged panels quickly and easily as panels can be individually removed, meaning you don’t need to repair an entire wall.

To work out the exact cost to ZX Panel your house or building, please click here.