ZX® Panel does not use aluminium composite panel that is prone to fire. Instead we source superior New Zealand aluminium product that is safe and priced at a fraction of the cost of our nearest aluminium exterior cladding competitor.

ZX® Panel was developed through an intensive five-year research and development process that draws on the company founder’s extensive experience in the building industry.

We are proud to carry the New Zealand Made Trademark as it proves our commitment to the local industry and demonstrates we comply with New Zealand’s Fair Trading Act.



ZX® Panel ensures weather tightness from wind, rain and is non-combustible in fire.
In the London tragedy, they used ACP (Aluminium Composite Panels) – which include composite material, and this is highly flammable. We are completely different and safe. ZX® Panel is a solid aluminium finish on buildings and is non-combustible.
Carters, ITM, Placemakers in New Zealand and through our website.
20 working days delivered to the Mainfreight depot of your choice within New Zealand.
For overseas customers ZX® Panel will be delivered to Mainfreight’s depot in Tauranga, New Zealand.
The cost will vary depending on the size of your house/building but for example a medium sized (200sqm) 3 bedroom home will cost approximately NZ$13,000 for materials - this works out to be approximately NZ$130+GST (if any) per square metre of wall + installation. Use our order form to find your exact price.
ZX® Panel is weather-tight and non-combustible. Due to a huge number of leaky homes in the world, owning a ZX® Panel house will ensure your home is safe, warm and dry - and such houses are sought-after.
ZX® Panel is powder coated with Interpon paint range of 22 colours. View the range here.
Yes, you have the option of choosing multiple colours of ZX® Panel and clip on covers.
As with all building products, a builder will need to install ZX® Panel for you. Please ensure your builder has a Licenced Building Practitioner (LBP) number to guarantee warranty.
Our panels can be installed after the windows are installed.
It is very easy to replace a panel, your builder can do this very quickly because panels can be individually removed, therefore you do not need to repair an entire wall.
Yes, we have a special transition base and cover to make joining ZX® Panel to other products simple.
Yes, our hardened stainless steel screws are approved for both steel and timber frames.


ZX® Panel has third party Goldseal Warranty protection underwritten by Residential Warranties Limited. This offers security for the following:

For local purchases:

Full value monetary/product protection from supply source to your closest Mainfreight depot, New Zealand.

For overseas purchases:

Full value monetary/product protection from supply source to the Mainfreight depot, New Zealand.

View our warranty

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ZX Extrusion Warranty

The ZX Premium Powercoating applied to all extrusions is offered with a 15 year warranty for all exterior residential and commercials applications including coastal locations. The ZX Premium Powercoating System meets and or exceeds requirements of AS3715-2002, AAMA2603-02, and WANZ. Some colours of powder coated coatings may experience some fading after prolonged UV exposure.

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