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Now it is time to bring your colour dream into reality. Using our colour gallery of more than 37 architectural colours, you can easily select the colour panel you desire, and the clip on cover panel to match. You can then view the complete look amplified on our showhome.


Aluminium is an excellent material for use in joinery and construction. But, while it is a naturally resilient surface, it still needs some protection from the elements.

There are several ways to protect architectural aluminium such as anodising and powder coating, but choosing a powder coated aluminium finish will give your project both a stylish and durable look.

A powder coated finish is also great for the environment as well as those involved in its application. Because the application process is free of solvents and other chemicals it is safe for the work environment as well as the natural environment.

Care and maintenance instructions for Altus Extrusions and Panels

Like any other painted surface, powder coated aluminium performs at its best when it is properly cared for.

Keeping the surface free from pollutants and environmental contaminants will give you the maximum benefit and long lasting performance from your coated surface. This is especially true where the surface is in a protected area that doesn't benefit from the natural cleaning properties of rainwater.

In normal urban environments a gentle clean with a soft brush and mild detergent followed by a fresh water rinse, every six months will keep your coating looking great for years. In areas of high pollution, such as industrial areas, geothermal areas or coastal environments, cleaning should occur every three months. In particularly hazardous locations such as beachfronts, severe marine environments or areas of high industrial pollution, cleaning on a monthly basis is recommended.

It is important to note that harsh chemicals and solvents can be harmful to a powder-coated surface and their use is not recommended. For full care and maintenance instructions, please contact Altus Extrusions and Panels freephone 0508 272 362.

Quality assurance and confidence

The Dulux Duralloy+Plus colours in this collection, manufactured by Akzo Nobel - the world leader in powder coatings, offer superior protection for your architectural aluminium.

Drawing on 30 years of experience in powder coating technology Akzo Nobel have used their expertise to develop a finish that is ideally suited to the local conditions found in New Zealand. The Dulux Duralloy+Plus range provides a durable, resilient colour finish to your ZX® Panel joinery.

Akzo Nobel's Dulux Duralloy+Plus powder coatings are applied by National Aluminium Limited and supplied by ZX® Panel. They are applied and tested to perform according to internationally recognised specifications, including AS3715 and WANZ Endurocolour.

Global Warranty

Dulux Duralloy+Plus architectural powder coating are performance guaranteed with a full global warranty when applied to aluminium by an Dulux Duralloy+Plus Approved Applicator.

Dulux Duralloy+Plus Approved Applicators are assessed and selected on our extensive evaluation process ensuring the most stringent criteria is met to guarantee the application of our powder coatings are in accordance with global industry standards.

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Colours displayed in the colour gallery are a guide only and have been matched as close as possible to Interpon production standards under daylight conditions. We recommend that you request a colour sample by calling 0508272362 EXT 0 for reception.
Conditions apply to the warranty, which is available from Bradnams on request.